Ayurvedic Consultation

Consultations are generally in person at The Ayurvedic Shop in Palmwoods Wednesday to Friday.

To aid consultations, kindly download the Online Ayurvedic Consultation Form, complete and email to info@nulleumundimedicineman.com with a clear picture of your tongue and a close up of the right eye (with an iPhone flash if possible). A booking will be negotiated.

Consultations include :

– Thorough investigation of the current state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health leading to dietary, lifestyle, herbal and philosophical advice. The Ayurvedic concept of why we are ill is liberating itself.

– Ayurvedic diagnosis of the cause of the imbalance in order to establish a preventative regime. The cause must be understood for remedial measures to be incorporated.

– Ayurvedic wisdom of the qualities of a substance, knowledge of digestion and the power of our choices. Ayurveda is a journey of wisdom.

Ayurveda is the health system for those aspiring for knowledge goodness and wellbeing.

The Ayurvedic Herb Shed 2 Hill St Palmwoods QLD

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