Ayurvedic Eye and Tongue Diagnosis Available

Find the Cause

We call the Ayurvedic Herb Shop of the Eumundi Medicine Man, ‘The Shop that is NOT a Shop’.


The Ayurvedic Herb Shop is situated in Palmwoods, Queensland; open Wednesday to Friday 9.00 am- 5.00pm. Our focus is finding the cause and providing knowledge of substance to remedy the cause.

We have many Ayurvedic remedies to aid our health or an imbalance. However,  knowledge of the energetics of those substances is paramount. Knowledge is power which increases the potency of the medicine.

The Ayurvedic Herb Shop is the knowledge and medicine warehouse of The Eumundi Medicine Man, Jay D Mulder, who  has a reputation for revealing many hidden truths with in-depth simple philosophies during Ayurvedic consultation. The consults with Heidi or JayD include diet, lifestyle and herbs as well as eye and tongue diagnosis. JayDharma reveals the finer secrets of health by teaching simple Ayurveda to the patient.

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