Asafoetida is a unique cooking spice. A pinch is used in ghee with other spices like cumin for flavour and to aid digestion . Asafoetida also known as Hing has a wonderful flavour and aroma slightly similar to onion or garlic.

Better too little than too much! Say a pinch to a few pinches to start. Use less of this hing as it is far stronger than other asafoetida’s.

Best when placed in hot ghee or coconut oil for a few seconds and then stirred and cooked with vegies in steamy water. Spices like cumin seed, mustard seed and coriander are fried first. The asafoetida is added lastly to the medium hot oil which difuses the powerful flavour evenly, giving the entire meal a gentle plesant taste. After adding the asafoetida to ghee the veggies should be tossed in after one second so the spice powder does not burn.

Asafoetida is also used with other culinary spices for bloating, indigestion, worms and  congestion.

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