Ayurvedic Consultation

Consultations are generally in person at The Ayurvedic Shed 2 Hill St Palmwoods Qld or on Skype.

For consultations,download the Online Ayurvedic Consultation Form, complete and email to info@nulleumundimedicineman.com with a clear picture of your tongue and a close up of the right eye (with an iPhone flash if possible). A booking will be negotiated.

Consultations include :

– Thorough investigation of the current state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health leading to dietary, lifestyle, herbal and philosophical advice. The Ayurvedic concept of why we are ill is liberating in itself leading to profound changes.

– Ayurvedic diagnosis of the cause of the imbalance in order to establish a preventative regime. The cause must be understood for remedial measures to be incorporated.

– Ayurvedic wisdom of the qualities of a substance, knowledge of digestion and the power of our choices.

Ayurveda is the health system for those aspiring for knowledge goodness and wellbeing. Consultations generally take an hour @ $140

Consultations include a free cookbook with simple recipes, information on ghee, yoghurt and revealing knowledge of the acid alkaline concept.

The Ayurvedic practitioners are Heidi, JayD or John Hulcombe simply down load the –

Online Ayurvedic Consultation Form

Adv. Dip. Ayur., Dip. Beauty Therapy, Cert IV Horticulture, Pranic Healing Basic, Advanced & Psychotherapy, Mother of two

Heidi was first introduced to Ayurveda at a very young age; naturally she has developed a deep understanding of this ancient profound health science. Heidi will help you discover your essential nature and carefully address the root causes of any imbalances. Her passion for delicious, health giving food leads her to become the co-author of The Complete Ayurvedic Cookbook. Specialising in Women’s health and Hormonal balance, children’s health and correcting skin conditions, Heidi visits India regularly to deepen her Ayurvedic knowledge.

Business Registration made in 2000

Jayadharma Mulder (B.Hlth.Sc., Dip.Herb)  practices as an Ayurvedic Herbalist-Nutritionist giving paramount recognition to Ayurvedic concepts such as diet, lifestyle, philosophy and herbal formulas. Ayurveda is the science of life which is an exciting journey for those wishing to understand health and avoid disease. Ayurveda with tongue and eye diagnosis will answer your questions regarding, ‘why I am sick’ and thus give you the tools to usher in a recovery.

John Hulcombe

Adv. Dip. Ayur. Member of ANTA

After more than twenty years working in construction John decided to pursue his passion of natural therapies and study Ayurveda. Ironically in his first year of study he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, which is an autoimmune disease on the bowel. Faced with the prospect of taking immune suppressing medication for life, John booked into a Ayurvedic Hospital in India and under went three weeks of intensive treatment. Through diet, herbs, massage and other Ayurvedic therapies his condition improved and his tests revealed a significant reduction in the (CRP) inflammation markers.
Consultations with John are guaranteed to amaze and satisfy a sincere seeker of the knowledge of life.
John believes passionately in the self healing intelligence of the body and that taking a holistic approach including being mindful of our thoughts can restore and and enhance our health and with it our quality of life. John is available for consultations at the Ayurvedic Shop and also offers massage and other Ayurvedic Therapies at his Glasshouse Mountains studio.