Dhantwantaran M. Oil – Reproducttive Toner

photo6Ayurvedic oil used internally to help correct disturbance of Apana Vata. Apana data is said by ancient Ayurveda to be involved in complications  like constipation, dysmenorrhoea (menstral pain), repeated abortion, uterine and rectal prolepses and bladder incontinence. Taken as a oily tea drink.

An internal medicated oil which can be used to strenghten the reproductive system and gently purify the body at the same time. According to vedic logic the only way to cleanse and nurture fat is with fat hence this profound medicine is in oil form.

Begin the day with a warm spoon of oil 10 ml and drink hot water until digested.

End the day with a warm spoon of oil 10 ml and drink hot water until digested.

Can be taken in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Considered an apana vata tonic! May strengthen the bladder in children and thus prevent bed wetting, 5ml taken before bed. May also be used as a vasti.




Cough Syrup Antiseptic Action – Blue Spice

Cough Syrup Antiseptic Action – Blue Spice

A pleasant tasting ancient brew which is quite helpful when a cough is persistent. Avoid cold drinks, heavy raw food food. Drink warm to hot water until the cough clears.


TAKE LOHASAVAM after meals in chronic cases

Key Ingredients

Gugulu, Tinos[poria, honey

Take from : 1 ml – 20 ml, Twice per day