Stone Flour Mill Electric

Make chapatis, pancakes, pikelets, muffins, different porrideasyges and produce rustic wholesome bread. Warning: Eating fresh Facebook Ayurvedarolled chapati from real grain makes the breads from Indian restaurants appear as denatured elastic. Tearing a real chapati is an experience whch permeates the consciousness with Sattva (goodness). You also get the insoluble fibre your bowel needs as a prebiotic, the B vitamins are high in grain as well as oils. Mix and match grains to suit the family, millet, buckwheat, wheat and rice can be mixed in any proportion.

BLEND YOUR OWN MIXES OF millet, spelt, oats, barley, rye, buckwheat, rice or wheat


Pure Ghee

imageGreat tasting pure Ghee a fat which is said to lower cholesterol

Conditions apply

GHEE MAY ARRIVE SLIGHTLY CREASY OR LEAKED we are sorry but can take no responsibility as this is the nature of butter oil.

Ghee is available to our Ayurvedic patients. Sending ghee can be costly if you live in remote areas, therefore we reserve the right to add extra freight charges if applicable, this can be negotiated by email. Generally ghee coupled with Ayurvedic herbs will not inncur any extra freight.


Hypocholesterolemic effect of anhydrous milk fat ghee is mediated by increasing the secretion of biliary lipids. 

Matam Vijaya Kumar, Kari Sambaiah and Belur R. Lokesh Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition, Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore, Karnataka, India. Received 12 March 1999; accepted 22 October 1999. Available online 9 March 2000.


“The anhydrous milk fat ghee is one of the important sources of fat in the Indian diet. Our earlier studies showed that rats fed diets containing greater than 2.5 wt% of ghee had lower levels of serum cholesterol compared with rats fed diets containing groundnut oil. To evaluate the mechanism of the hypocholesterolemic effect of ghee, male Wistar rats were fed a diet containing 2.5 or 5.0 wt% ghee for a period of 8 weeks. The diets were made isocaloric with groundnut oil. Both native and ghee heated at 120°C containing oxidized lipids were included in the diet. The ghee in the diet did not affect the 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A (HMG CoA) reductase activity in the liver microsomes, but it significantly increased biliary excretion of cholesterol, bile acids, uronic acid, and phospholipids. The rats fed ghee had lower levels of cholesterol esters in the serum as well as in the intestinal mucosa. Both native and oxidized ghee influenced cholesterol metabolism. These results indicate that supplementation of diets with ghee lipids would increase the excretion of bile constituents and lower serum cholesterol levels.”

Oat Roller – Grain Flaker ROLL FRESH OATS DAILY

imageRolling Fresh Oats

Wooden and Stainless Steel

The reason fresh flaked grains are so much better than their store-bought counter parts is the same reason that fresh milled flour is better. You get all of the vitamins, minerals and oils present in the grain. You have no oxidation, which means no loss of flavor and nothing is removed to extend the shelf life. This is why just like with fresh milled flour you need to use fresh flaked grains as soon as possible. They don’t keep well. If you do end up flaking more than you need you can store then in the fridge for a few days. But, you should use them as soon as possible otherwise you lose the benefits of flaking them yourself. Flaking your own grains isn’t limited to just oats. You can flake almost any grain you want, including wheat, rye, spelt, millet, kamut and more. You can also adjust the settings and produce a coarse meal.

The Oat roller is a simple unit that you attach to your table or bench top, you set and then put in your grain and start turning the handle. While it may seem like it would be hard to do it is surprisingly easy and quick making several cups of flaked grain in just a few minutes. It is easy to setup, easy to use and when you done clean up is a snap.

The Oat roller is made in Germany and has three options. If you choose the regular flake you get a thicker flaked grain that take a little more time to cook, but like in the case of oatmeal makes a really nice chewy, hearty oatmeal that is just wonderful. The quick- cook setting makes a thinner flake that is more like instant oats in that it cooks in moments. In breads and such this type of flake tends to break down and really blend into the dough. When used for oatmeal it creates a creamier product. The final setting is the cracked grain setting which produces a rough meal / flour suitable for pancakes, pikelets, muffins and for producing rustic wholesome bread.