Indian rosehip jam .

Our Special Chyavanaprasam jam

For Children & Adults

The main ingredient is Embilicia Officinalis or Amalaki, which is very high in vitamin C, as well as being a strong antioxidant according to Vedic folklore. Interestingly, its potency is not lost during cooking or storage, as it contains certain tannins that lock in the vitamins and antioxidants. Amalaki is a slightly sour anti-acid and refrigerant. A sour taste usually increases heat and acidity in the body, but magically amalaki is soothing and cooling anti-acid.

Taking Chyavanaprasm with warm milk increases its action, helping the body distribute the substance where it is needed. Sweet and spicy, Chyavanaprasam is ideal for children.

“The Vedic texts describes that the great sage Chyavana muni was in deep meditation, sitting on the bottom of a great river. He had controlled his breath to such an extent that this was not difficult for him. Many hundreds of years went by in this way, as the sage cultivated his fixture on the oneness of the universe. Chyavana was snapped out of his great meditation when two fish in a tangle of erotic love, tickled his nose as they passed him by!  The muni emerged from the river clearly shaken by the experience. Full of material desires, Chyavana approached the king and asked for the king’s daughter as a bride. The king, not wanting to be cursed by the sage, nor wanting to be hated by his daughter, said “certainly sir if she chooses”. When the muni saw his reflection, he realised that a few hundred years under water had done no favours for his good looks. Chyavana left for the forest, made Chyavanaprasam from the amalaki berry and then took the rasayana therapy. Upon Chyavana muni’s return to the kingdom, the young princess was more than happy to accept the beautiful muni as a husband.”

Please note this jam is not a medicine but simply a fruit herbal jam


10-15g on an empty stomach, ideally followed by warm milk.

Wonderful at bed time. Refrigerate after opening.


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