GANDHA BONE THIALAM    An incredible Ayurvedic achievement 

Gandha Bone Oil is strongly effective in improving bone density and strengthening the bones. The oil is useful in degenerative bone diseases and can be used to fasten the fracture healing time.

To make Gandha Bone Oil is a lengthy process to perform. Black sesame seeds are wrapped in cotton cloth and soaked in a fresh stream of running water for 7 days. After, the seeds are put into running milk for 7 days and finished with 7 days in a Licorice decoction. After each step the Black sesame seeds are left in the sun to dry and to absorb the goodness of the sun. After the extraction of the oil other herbs are added to increase the potency.

Dose: 10 drops (can be taken in a gel capsule or easy enough in a little hot water) morning on an empty stomach or at bed time.  Drink hot water after taking Gandha oil to aid assimilation. Also apply oil to the skin 20 drops mixed with 50ml of Black sesame seed oil.

Or apply neat to troubled areas for a more potent application.

After some time of using Gandha oil have a bone density check to see your progress.

Take Apple Cider Vinegar and warm water with meals to aid digestion and calcium metabolism to complement the entire program. Naturally avoid sticky, heavy, cold and processed foods for good results.


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