Screenshot 2015-04-29 10.28.06The Complete Ayurvedic Cookbook 5th Edition is an inspirational and practical guide to delicious cooking designed for digestible eating. With over 50 unique recipes that have step by step instructions to making the healthiest Ayurvedic meals at are easy to make. This cookbook is guaranteed to change how the kitchen operates and your health forever. The Complete Ayurvedic Cookbook 5th Edition begins by explaining the truth about eating grains, understanding the acid alkaline story and the use of spice and ghee. Recipes include; Chapati, Paneer, Kitchari, Subji, Kofta Balls, Chai, Sweet Rice and MUCH MORE.

You might pose the question: ‘The Complete Ayurvedic Cookbook 5th Edition’, so small how can it be complete?

Complete in the sense of being essential and dealing with the heart of Ayurvedic cooking such as the philosophical concept of tridosha or harmony, the cooking technic of chauncing and the unique concept of wholesomeness according to Caraka 600 BC.


1. Tridosa – The Ayurvedic concept of harmony

2. The ‘Chaunce’ – The original concept of a curry (not necessarily chilli) 3. Wholesomeness – Ayurvedic concept of Agni (digestion)

4. Drinking with meals – ‘The art of health’

5. The prudent use of yoghurt for health – Yoghurt as a channel blocker

6. Salt and Ayurveda – Understanding Ayurvedic mineral salt

7. Pippali – Long pepper a tridoshic warming digestive

8. Safe Carbohydrates – Realising nature’s balanced package, wholegrains!