Pungent substances are digestive but are not tolerated by all, especially the dry extreme heat of chilli which may cause stomach ulcers when overused. Pippali is warm yet has a sweet after taste which calms down the heat with a cooling energy. Pippali is accepted as a tonic in Ayurveda while chilli long term is debilitating.

One evening at Rajah Healthy Acres I asked the doctors to research and report the next day how many Ayurvedic medicines have chilli as an ingredient. The next morning the answer was a surprising ZERO.

Western life is full of hot, drying and acidic foods. The result after some time of over indulgence is ulcers, gastritis, IBS, painful joints and inflammation.

Pippali is an extremely interesting spice. It is, as expected, warming but also has a very sweet grounding energy, digests toxins and has a cooling after energy. In India it is used as a liver tonic and tasty digestive that is unlikely to aggravate heat at reasonable amounts. Pippali is a great alternative to acidic spices and pickles that cause disease long term. Pippali is used in many Ayurvedic digestives and medicines whereas chilli as mentioned is not found in any Ayurvedic therapeutic products because of having severe mono energies, such as extreme heat and dryness.

One very interesting aspect of pippali is the presence of natural steroids which improve lung and thyroid function, so pippali not only has a most beautiful flavour a sprinkle is cleansing for the sinus and uplifting for the metabolism.

Pippali goes well on savoury or sweet dishes.

We do not recommend more than 4 grams per day for long term usage


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